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Behind the name

Addelise is inspired by Tanya's two daughters Addison & Elise. In 2016, Addison stepped onto the school bus and time stood still. It was a pivotal moment in Tanya's career to step out of the corporate world and into creating Addelise - helping other businesses thrive and grow.

Tanya Smith | Founder, Creative, Web Developer

Tanya here. I founded Addelise in 2016. I am humbled to have worked with some pretty amazing brands. Brands that have been recognized in Inc., Entrepreneur and Forbes. I am a girl mom x2. Addison and Elise are a constant inspiration, hence the formation of Addelise. They think it's pretty cool I named my business after them. Some fun things about me, I am a country girl, but I LOVE the City.

I was widowed at 26. That loss changed me forever. I no longer was afraid to take chances and lean into the woman I wanted to become. Working with other entrepreneurs and women owned businesses - is where I thrive as well.

I am a former VP of a software company where I traveled the world and lead their marketing and growth. They are a client of mine to this day and thats is very special to me.

Addelise is a Certified women owned business carrying designations as a WBENC and WOSB. I also sit on the National Small Business Leadership Council.

I love being outdoors boating, off-roading with my husband and friends, traveling to new places with my family. I am also the proud new goat momma to Ivy and Rae.

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Jessica Dempsey | Creative Director

Hey, I’m Jessica. Jess, if you’re feeling friendly and Jessi if you want me to assume you’ve known me since birth.

I currently live in the small town of Polo, IL. I love the simplicity and quiet of our rural home.

In 2019 I look a leap of faith, leaving my cozy design job to work from home and start a family. Shortly thereafter, Tanya brought me on as her creative director, allowing me the freedom to not only work from home and start a family but to really feel fulfilled in my design aspirations for the first time in a while.

Two months after the pandemic hit, I became a boy mom with my first child, Miles. It has been a wild journey and I’m so thankful to have the ability to be home with him, and cannot wait to share all of my favorite things with him as he grows.

When I am not designing with my girl Tanya or chasing after my now very mobile son, I love to spend time with my little family. In recent months (due to the unending snow) this consists of sipping a strong cup of coffee (I am a bit of an admitted coffee snob) and snuggling up on the couch to enjoy a trivia game show with my husband and bulldog.

When the weather is nice, we love traveling, spending time in nature, and camping . I’m an aspiring vegan, a novice vintage jewelry collector, and a home decor enthusiast.. and I’ll never turn down a Wes Anderson film or Buffy reruns!

Addelise is an imaginative women owned design studio located in Geneva, IL. We work with clients throughout the United States creating visual branding, web design, print design and more. We are Certified WBENC and WOSB, women owned business designations.
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