Meet Tanya

Tanya Smith, President of Addelise, is an experienced business executive with over 10+ years of focused business development, brand development, marketing, sales strategies, corporate event planning and social media development. Tanya, has successfully implemented sales and marketing strategies for major corporations and has effectively increased revenue by 50% for a multi million dollar firm in her previous role. Tanya, is an entrepreneur; mother, wife, lover of life and helping others achieve their dreams.

More about Tanya

I’m a small town, midwest girl. My childhood was mostly spent running barefoot in the pastures playing with my horse and sisters or walking with my mini recorder singing the afternoon away. Growing up with small town roots and graduating from a country school, {graduating class of 18} shaped me into the person I am today – still enjoying the outdoors, but now chasing my two daughters around or enjoying our side by side and vintage camper in our back property.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, which ultimately lead me to create my company, Addelise Inc.

It is my dream, want, and ambition to help companies become an even better version of what was originally dreamed and envisioned. My services and experience are unique. I have worked in many industries and am knowledgeable in many areas of interest. My phone is always ringing, people contacting me for advice, where to find things, what to do with their next business move. Professionalism is important, however personality is a must for any company who will truly be a success. I want to work alongside you, bringing out the personality and life within.

Creating is my outlet and connection with the world, and the incredible people who cross my path. Creating in a space of motion, and understanding that time stops for no one, allows me and my team, to build brilliant brands that promote envy and everywhere+ness.

Motion is something I define from my personal experience in life. At the age of 26, I became a young widow. For a time, motion was at a stand still, but it came back in full force and gave me so much clarity and tenacity to take on things, to live life with no bounds. This tenacity has opened many doors, inspired new adventures, and forced me out of my comfort zone (which I am so thankful for). It has helped me to force others out of theirs as well (well maybe not force, but gently nudge, until force is needed).

With the endless patience and support of my second husband, Dave, my daughters, Addison and Elise, family, friends, and my amazing creative team, I can honestly say I’m living the life I had always hoped to design.

My approach to building brilliant brands is informed by all of these experiences. The work we do with clients all boils down to trust, understanding and getting to know the story of their lives.

Thank you for being here and for your interest in working with me and my team of creatives! We are a fun, quirky and talented bunch who will bring out your brilliance and show it through your business image, your brand.

Tanya Smith, President of Addelise

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