Tanya Smith, President of Addelise Inc. was recently selected by Glancer Magazine to be featured in the January 2017 publication. Tanya, was chosen to be featured as a Woman of Strength and Inspiration.  The January publication by Glancer Magazine aims to promote inspiration and informs and invites readers to focus on health, balance, inner strength and mental well being – inspiring each person to reach their full potential.

Glancer Magazine introduces three suburban woman as Women of Strength – one just as empowering as the next, proving that we can get through anything that life presents to us.

Tanya, is extremely honored to be included, here is what she has to say, “We each need to own our story – what we have been through, go through and continue to come through. Sharing the message of what we have learned and spreading hope and encouragement can touch someone who needs to see or hear it. I’m shaping the way for others to recognize that you can chase your dreams, you can remove boundaries that others place on you and that grief has no end and it’s ok – but you can still keep going and achieving things – living fully despite loss or trials in life. We each get to create and invent who we are and strive to flourish and grow into who we will continue to become.”

“Even if the design of life isn’t exactly what you want – we each have the power to change the drawing or use the things that have not gone our way – growing ourselves and making good of it. I’m feeling humbled, blessed and excited for what this new year will bring to my family, my business – Addelise Inc. – A Brand Development and Marketing Company and my Widows World Community. You can find Addelise @addeliseinc on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. Thank you Glancer Magazine! I am humbly honored to share my message of hope and tenacity with others.”