Welcome to the Addelise website! I am so glad you are here!

As the President of Addelise Inc., I have put my heart, my business experience, my expertise in many areas and my personality into my company and the creative services my clients will benefit from. Who better to trust, than an experienced entrepreneur who is focused on helping other entrepreneurs?

Well, no one in my opinion!

I know the depths of how hard I have worked to get here and that same passion and depth will benefit each of you. I understand intimately what it takes to start a company, grow a company, and flourish a company.

You get to make the smart decision to trust Addelise – where business and sales strategy is a number one proven strength.

Creativity will only get you so far! In talking with many business professionals and through my travels over the years as a VP of Sales & Marketing and top revenue producer for a multi million-dollar company – I saw a gap in industry and more specifically in marketing and design agencies.  Addelise is filling in that gap. The business of brand brilliance to us means offering a complete brand experience. When people think about a brand, some may see the definition as a logo or a website.  The Addelise definition is the entire image and identity of a company – the visual outward appearance – Everywhere+ness.

  • The digital presence.
  • The engagement and reach to the customers.
  • The people behind it.
  • The collaboration of ideas and concepts.
  • The outward exposure of the brand to the vast world and the consumers who consume the products and services under the brand umbrella.

I am a graduate of a top business college, graduating with honors and a part of the Sigma Iota Epsilon National Honorary Fraternity; but schooling and smarts only get you so far. It takes heart, drive, ambition and a constant mindset to continue to learn and grow and reinvent your skillsets. The professional experience I have gained in the last 10+ years working with major corporations – serving the general public and also government – provides me a broad skill set and mind set in many industries and experiences. It takes a mindset of staying current, trying new things and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable – opening your mind to new, committing to staying in motion and evolving.

The experience you will get from working with me and my team will be unique, will be different and will be personal.  We are personally invested in your success! By working with Addelise, you become our people. Our heart goes into creating a brand that represents you and your products and services. We find what is unique – because there is always something unique about each person, each company, each story – and we tell that.

In a world of stock imagery and availability, you should want more for your brand for yourself – creating your unique is worth the investment and will set you up for the success you will build upon over the years. We want more for your brand – you are meant to shine and share your ideas and products and services so that the world sees you and what you have created for what it really is and will be.

So, get ready for a professional, fun, modern and unique experience working with Addelise Inc.

Don’t you want to work with a company of creatives, that truly believes – “no one can do, what you do, quite like you?” I know I would.

If you have had experience working with me, you know that me and my team will provide an exceptional and incomparable service!  Please make sure to follow our company page on all social media platforms – Everywhere+ness.

Tanya Smith, President – Addelise Inc.

Addelise Inc. is a full service marketing company focused on providing an all inclusive branding experience. Addelise offers services such as Branding, Engaging, Inventing and Eventing.